Wednesday, October 7, 2009

twitter persona

twitter persona shitter persona

you only have 140 characters to be someone on twitter, which means there's no time to be nice. read this article in the thursday styles about celebrity tweeting: Short Outbursts on Twitter? #Big Problem":

an excerpt:

"A growing number of people have begun lashing out at their Twitter critics, challenging the not-quite rules of etiquette on a service where insults are lobbed in brief bursts, too short to include the social niceties. Some offended parties are suing...Courtney Love was sued by a fashion designer after she posted a series of inflammatory tweets, one calling the designer a liar and a thief. A landlord in Chicago sued a tenant for $50,000 after she tweeted about her moldy apartment. And Demi Moore slapped back at Perez Hilton over a revealing photograph of the actress’s daughter."

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