Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tighten up

here's some trojan records material off of volumes 2 and 3 of their tighten up series. i've posted about trojan records on this blog before, but to bring everyone up to speed, trojan is a reggae label that was founded in the UK in the late 60's. with the large influx of jamaican immigrants at the time, reggae music grew to dominate the scene in england, albeit briefly, and trojan records rode the the time reggae had seen its popularity wane in the early seventies, trojan was on the outs, but it has since seen a series of resurgences. today it stands as a major reissuer of classic reggae records - mostly in compilation form.

that said, trojan is a mine of obscure reggae gems. these tunes are off of a couple compilations they released in the late 60's - a greatest hits collection, if you will, of singles they had released to date. i highly recommend browsing their catalog and dropping a few bucks.

the hippy boys- "doctor no go"
rudy mills- "john jones"
lloyd & claudette- "queen of the world"

i always think it's really cool to think that this is what kids were hanging out and dancing to in dancehalls and bars/hangouts during that time period...i know that a lot of the punk bands that would spring up several years later were reared on this stuff.

here are a couple of my favorites from some of their other releases:

ike bennet and the crystallites- "bombshell"
the soul rhythms- "soul call"

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