Wednesday, October 28, 2009

storming the palace!

Artist, Xavier Veilhan, is using the gardens of Versailles to exhibit his contemporary sculptures. Versailles is an exceptional choice for the installations because it is already abounding with lyrical sculptures that compliment the modernity of Veilhan's installations.
Veilhan's monumental sculptures focus on the geometric value of his forms and textures, the quality of repetition (which is an obvious quality seen throughout the Palace), as well as creating an exotic view in an exceptionally traditional location.
His installation titled, "Le carrosse" (The large carriage), for example, contrasts harmoniously to the classical style of the fountain sculpture, "Apollo in his chariot."
Veilhan, a French artist, created works which are relevant to the Palace of Versailles, and presents them with a modern eye as well as introducing entirely new ideas that are so foreign, yet so fitting.

photos from theselby

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