Thursday, October 8, 2009

mammoth post

i watched Adventureland the other day and enjoyed it and would recommend it. let me elaborate: i was initially suspicious of the mid-80's setting. with the basic plot sketch i had going in of a young man's coming to terms with life after college graduation, the 1980's setting seemed superfluous and gimmicky...given this synopsis, why set the movie in a time other than the present?

i was proven wrong in two respects--the first being the 80's centric soundtrack. i'm a sucker for a good soundtrack, and a lot of people would argue that it's really not something worth commending a movie for, but the music is fantastic, both purely as a playlist and as a trip through pop music in the 80' also strikes a tone worthy of the classic teen, john hughes-style movies to which this one stands in homage...which essentially states point #2: the 80's setting does more than highlight some excellent tunes or channel the sort of retro-phoniness i was worried i was in for--it more or less dresses the movie in a genre.

so i dug up this comprehensive tracklist (w/ scene included) off of this blog (whoever runs it has done everyone a favor, and a noble one at that, and linked to the "buy" page at amazon):

kristen stewart's character in the movie has great taste and definitely inspired several non porn related download's--namely an acoustic version of the song "taste of cindy" by the jesus & mary chain, which i had to buy but you can check out here. also had me stumble upon this video, which i think is official (?), for dinosaur jr's cover of "just like heaven."

also had me plumb the depths of my itunes library for some 80's classics that i was into at some time or other but had forgotten about. check out a few:

INXS- "Don't Change"
Cars- "You Are the Girl"
Elvis Costello & the Attractions- "Tears Before Bedtime"

that should do it.

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Anonymous said...

always a pleasure merkin. dont let people discourage you from discussing soundtracks! its an art! maybe something you'd be good at.

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