Sunday, October 11, 2009

go forth

some really striking print work from levi's new ad campaign:

even more impressive are the accompanying tv spots. here's one of 2:

and here's an article about the campaign- wouldn't say i agree with the guy, but he does raise some interesting points. considered in the article are such things as the poetry of walt whitman, manifest destiny, and the postmodern world of savvy consumers being tricked into thinking they aren't being tricked.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly Merkin, I think this campaign is good and bad. While it calls attention to itself as an ad campaign, it also offers a philosophy that young jean buyers can relate to, or want to relate to, I just wonder if the cost vs demographic covered is worth it.

I think my new favorite ad at the moment is a new one by Wendy's.

It can be found here,

It's called Launch.

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