Tuesday, September 1, 2009

jack nicholson's sunglasses

jack nicholson first started donning his signature 'sunglasses with everything' look after astaire pulled the ultimate 'fuck you i'm a movie star" move at a '70s award she. nicholson explains "i was sitting next to Fred Astaire at the 1976 oscars and we were having a few laughs. they announced his category and he didn't win and that minute he put on his sunglasses. i don't even think I had a thought, i just reached for the glasses. and that's why." (if only there were a video of the two putting on their shades at the '76 oscars.) aware of his trademark style, nicholson recently said "with my sunglasses on, i'm jack nicholson. without them, i'm fat and 60.

below, some photos of nicholson rockin his shades, for your inspiration. (photos: LIFE archive)







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