Monday, September 28, 2009

i hear peter hook playing bass in my dreams sometimes

one of the hardest things to pull off in electronic music is the live performance. nobody wants to see a group of guys get up on stage, push a button, and bob their heads--nor does anyone want to miss out on the repetitive beats and wealth of sounds that make electronic/dance music/what have you, so enjoyable. in achieving this balance, compromise (unsurprisingly) is paramount. the live electronic artist must choose his equipment wisely and must be able to play his instrument.

new order did this expertly. this video is all one continuous take of an extended version of the tune "perfect kiss," and they nail it w/ a hot jam to boot's worth noting here that this video was directed by jonathan demme, the man behind the classic talking heads concert video Stop Making Sense.


Anonymous said...

not sure where you get "one continuous take", but epic none the less.

Merkin Muffley said...

song was recorded in one take...see how that could've been misleading, but come on

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