Monday, September 14, 2009

grace jones by keith haring

in 1984, andy warhol introduced keith haring to grace jones. haring was immediately captivated by grace's body believing it was the ultimate canvas for him to express both primitive and pop, his two obsessions. once grace agreed, warhol worked his magic and arranged for robert mapplethorpe to shoot the final product. grace's poses, mapplethorpe's composition & haring's painting fluorish into a vibrant piece that exudes movement and dancing. grace appears fully nude save for the crown and rubber glow-in-the dark jewelery by david spada.

Untitled (body painting)
Untitled (body painting)
here are some candids in color:
Keith Haring painting Grace Jones' body, New York, 1986


JadeRose said...

Love grace jones, crazy crazy! Just bought an oversized tee from zara with her face plastered on the front, cant wait to wear it haha

Liz.Photo said...

Amazing Amazing Art.

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