Monday, September 28, 2009

The Birth of Cool

Happy Birthday to you, Mr. Miles Davis!
Davis, one of the most important figures in Jazz, was born on this day (September 28th) in East St. Louis. Miles moved to NYC to supposedly study at Julliard School of Music but really wanted to hook up with Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker. Moving up in the ranks of jazz musicians, Miles created his own genre called "cool jazz." Always experimenting with music, Miles began to work with electric instruments in the 1970s which lead him into using synthesizers in his later work. Miles stayed modern and always moved forward, morphing his music to the times but keeping his fingerprints all over the sound. Miles also began to create art in the 1980s, works which were expressionistic and full of movement and color. The image posted here is of his version of "The Kiss," which in the art world is a very popular subject and has been represented so many times, however each representation possesses a different attitude and quality.
Miles Davis passed away in 1991 but left a plethora of works for us to remember him by.

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