Wednesday, August 5, 2009

new radiohead song, a tribute to harry patch

Harry Patch

harry patch, the last living world war i veteran to fight in the european trenches, passed away on july 25 at the age of 111. inspired by patch's moving 2005 interview with the BBC radio, radiohead wrote a beautiful song titled "harry path (in memory of)" in honor of the former plumber, who fought in the battle of passchendaele in 1917. "The way he talked about war had a profound effect on me. It became the inspiration for a song that we happened to record a few weeks before his death," thom york explains.

the lyrics, taken from patch's interview, are as follows:

I am the only one that got through
The others died where ever they fell
It was an ambush
They came up from all sides
Give your leaders each a gun and then let them fight it out themselves
I've seen devils coming up from the ground
I've seen hell upon this earth
The next will be chemical but they will never learn

download the track for 1 euro here. all proceeds go to the royal british legion.

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