Thursday, July 23, 2009

you're materialistic, so what?

i've been spending a lot of time over the past few months re-vamping all of my beauty products. i have been trying new shampoos, eyeliners, and body creams of all sorts, and fortunately i have found these few products to be very successful and are now rave-worthy.

crest: pro-health rinse
**leaves your mouth feeling uber clean and minty fresh

freeze 24-7: icecrystals anti-aging prep & polish

**amazing texture and leaves your skin feeling crisp and cool; it is addicting.

l'occitane: buriti sublime oil
**use in your hair or body before or after baggin' rays. it's pure love.

yves saint laurent: GLOSS PUR & L'EYELINER NOIR
**use these and you'll instantly turn into a bond girl

lumene: time freeze with artic heather

**a nordic skin care line... and you'll actually notice a difference

bumble & bumble: seaweed shampoo
**perfect for the person who is always on the run, run run

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