Thursday, June 11, 2009

the year's best hip-hop dances

new york magazine recently compiled a list of the year's best hip-hop dances. here's what they came up with:

1. as seen in hurricane chris's "halle berry (she fine)" music video. While moderately swiveling your hips and bouncing your shoulders, hold one hand arm's length away from you, with its palm toward you as if it were a mirror; with the other hand, rhythmically pretend to dab your makeup.

2. as seen in the gs boyz "stanky legg" music video (as seen at 1:23): While alternately clapping, snapping your fingers, crossing your arms, and dramatically pausing, crouch down and stick one leg out away from your body as if -- as is suggested by the song title, and by one brief moment in the video -- your leg literally smells bad and you're trying your best to get away from it.

3. as seen in F.L.Y.'s video for "swag surfin": While shifting your weight from one foot to the other, stick one hand behind you and one hand in front, and then alternate smoothly, as if imitating the rhythm of a wave.

4. as seen in edge's music video for "dame dash": It's an intricate multipart affair -- just watch the video****

5. as seen in new boyz's video for "you're a jerk": Not a structured set of moves but a general style known as jerkin': basically a controlled wobble, with lots of leans, crouches, little leg kicks, and hops.

***ML's new workout plan


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