Saturday, June 13, 2009

a look at the drawing board

film theorist david bordwell recently blogged an article on jacques tati and his art direction/production design partnerships with artists jacques lagrange and pierre etaix. while definitely worth a read, i found the images were what really packed the punch.

this is lagrange's sketch of the ultra-modernist house featured in mon oncle. the top third of the image is the house/garage in profile. below that in the bottom two-thirds is a bird's eye rendering of the property.

here's tati's realization of lagrange's sketch (left) along with a model constructed for a current exhibition in paris celebrating the 102nd anniversary of tati's birth.

and here are some of etaix's sketch's of m. hulot. by the time of these sketches, tati's famous character had already appeared in les vacances de m. hulot, but, notably, only in his vacation garb. we see here how hulot came to acquire his trademark trench coat, hat, and pipe.

lookin slick.

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