Thursday, May 7, 2009

rip Maxime de la Falaise

rip Maxime de la Falaise, the 1960s it-girl that recently passed at the age of 86. in 1961, the english socialite welcomed Loomis Dean and his LIFE camera into her home, where he captured beautiful photographs of the fashionista preparing for one of her lavish red wine-and-cigarette-dinner-and-dancing parties. not only was Maxime a socialite and a fashionista, but an indie actress, fashion designer, interior designer, cookbook author, and warhol subject. what a lad-ayyyyy, she looks like she would've been fun. may she rest in peace.

read her nytimes 0bit here: Model, Designer and Muse, Is Dead at 86

killer rug:

note Dean's lights on the left:

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