Thursday, May 7, 2009

eminem gets punk'd on german tv show?

phew-and we're back. got back from jazz fest on tuesday morning (photos coming), and things have been a bit hectic around here with the end-of-term but i believe this video that bourgeoise stu showed me earlier today is the perfect ice breaker.

eminem broke down a lovely freestyle on some goofy German late night comedy show called "TV Total". the show is hosted by a comedian named Stefan Raab who has interviewd everyone from the likes of jackie chan to paris hilton. eminem's reaction is priceless: prob'ly thought he was getting punk'd. the show airs at 11:15pm in german, but Stefan whips up perfect english whenever the time is right (like now)--english speakers and non-english speakers alike will find this equally hilarious. eminem's face is priceless! i'm sure he thought he was getting punk'd...

alluring dance moves around 1:48

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yeah yeah shyt shyt

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