Monday, May 11, 2009

banksy's coming for dinner

an upcoming film called "banksy's coming for dinner" doesn't actually involve banksy coming over for dinner. in fact, the film is a satirical hoax supposedly thought up by Ivan Massow that stars Joan Collins (a real-life acquaintance of Massow) and allegedly Banksy (although the blogosphere has pretty much confirmed that the Banksy in the film is actually actor Bryan Lawrence). the plot of the movie goes something like this: Joan Collins and her husband Perc invite the elusive artists to a dinner party at their home in the country. "Banksy" shows up (face pixelated/voice distorted) and interacts with the other guests. Massow has explained that he was looking to “investigate the nature of what’s real and what’s not real”. ie, it is unclear which parts are 'real' and which parts on stage, and who is 'in' on the hoax and who is not. the film's press kit pitches it something like this:

Experience the clash of celebrity, as Hollywood royalty Joan Collins and husband Percy meet Banksy, the most famous living artist in the world. Banksy’s Coming for Dinner is a film within a film and questions the very nature of 'reality' at every level. 
the trailer looks hilarious and i'm digging Massow's attempt to reveal our postmodern reality tv/gossip blog fueled popular culture. too few people realize that their favorite reality tv shows are scripted.

as for Banksy: supposedly he has nothing to do with the film. but this this reeeeeks of Banksy. i think he co-wrote the film. what do you think?

watch the trailer below:

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