Monday, April 20, 2009

lady gaga's latest cup of tea

earlier this afternoon i had a conversation with a friend about current hot female rockstars. lady gaga, kanye west's latest arm candy, has undeniable least in PR-savvy. most recently, she was seen parading around London for her latest single "Paparazzi" wearing a swirly hat, some Lennon shades, and geisha lipstick. but her best accessory is a piece of fine china filled with ginger tea. lady gaga says it was given to her as a gift. "I’m on the road so much that little things that make me feel at home really mean a lot to me," she explains. the 23-year-old native of yonkers is an alumnus of convent of the sacred heart and nyu. her name hails from the queen song "radio ga-ga" ("...all we hear is radio ga-ga").

it's actually quite remarkable the extent to which lady gaga has been able to work the paparazzi. i remember when the self proclaimed lover of "sequins and panties and fame and money" debuted her first single on her eccentric costumes put madonna's phases to shame and force the paparazzi to stay au currant with her latest accessory. the reappearing british accent, leotards, latex, origami and now a cup of tea all amuse me, and should be taken as a commentary on the world we live in (her dad is an internet entrepreneur for god's sakes)

last week, lady gaga explained coyly to new york magazine: “I have lost my mind."

on moving from new york to LA:
“What am I supposed to do, canoodle with celebrities at a nightclub, with a lemon-drop Midori in my hand? It’s not the same as being in a bar that smells like urine with all your really smart New York friends.”

Lady Gaga Wears Bottoms Made of Actual Fabric

Lady Ga Ga sexy picture
Notice how she changed her sunglasses? We kind of love that.

this video of lady gaga performing "just dance" at cherry tree records. i questioned her talent until i saw this, but the lady can sing:

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