Monday, March 23, 2009

new sebastien tellier

Sebastien Tellier's video for "Kilometer" is three and a half minutes of cute french girls parading around the house in their panties while nibbling on quivering hot dogs and sebastien milk flavored yogurt. "Kilometer" has always been my fav track off Sexuality and i think it speaks best to the sound concept he was going for:

Sexuality has to be sophisticated. To have a good sex party, you have to be in the mood. That’s why I made this sound. A very attractive record and a very attractive world, because that’s my vision of sex, it’s very glamorous. Before, I did some ’70s-type records, but I don’t want to have ’70s sex. Too hairy. (Sebastien Tellier, 2008)
the orgasmic moans mixed into "Kilometer" make it evocative of Serge Gainsbourg's "je t' non plus" that features sound bytes of Jane Birkin's orgasmic moans (see post "je t' non plus"

download [Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer] (via zShare)
download [Kilometer (Moulinex Remix]

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