Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BMW art cars

if you're in new york swing by grand central terminal to check out the BMW "art cars." the project was originally conceived in 1975 by a race car driver-cum-art collector who commissioned artist/friend alexander calder to re-treat his car as a work of art. since then BMW has commissioned 16 artists, including robert rauschenberg, roy lichtenstein, and andy warhol, to do the same to a host of their own cars. only four will be on display (those by warhol, rauschenberg, lichtenstein, and frank stella), but you can check out all 16 of them here. here are a few of those i liked best:

alexander calder (1975)

roy lichtenstein (1977)

esther mahlangu (1991)
for more detailed info check out the post at cool hunting.

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