Saturday, May 15, 2010

american hotel stories

hotels are curious places...they're often the epicenters of myths, mysteries and love affairs. assouline's American Hotel Stories offers up the encounters of jim morrison, marilyn monroe, bob dylan, jack kerouac, and al capone (to name a few) at america's most distinguished hotels. available at Assouline


BullFrog said...

i smoked a joint at the Breakers in PB. It was epic. Ferraris everywhere and a great sea breeze to blow away the chronic smoke. Holla

Alina said...

ohhh sounds so interesting! thanks for the recommendation!


Garrett said...

Visited a few haunted hotels...each one with a kitschy story. While the architecture was nothing to write home about, the interiors of these places out west and the towns they enliven make them well worth the visit. Also, if you love movies like "The Shining" you will love it. My recommendation: The Jerome Grand Hotel in Jerome, AZ. Funky ghost town with the hotel atop it.

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