Monday, February 2, 2009

space invaders

what a rad space invaders watch! it think part of it's appeal is its extremely limited edition-ness, and obviously the throwback to everyone's favorite atari game. but, alas, now can play space invaders online (below), compliments of mr. paul neave (one of the great new media artists...have blogged him before but check him out if you're unfamiliar with his work).

i wish i could find a custom made LED watch that would display whatever you told it to. mine would display a bmxer going off a jump, with some peace signs, birds, and compliments intermittently.

more information at

Space Invaders made by Neave Games

Move left – left arrow key

Move right – right arrow key

Fire laser – space key

Pause game – P

Quit game – Q

Mute sound – M

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