Saturday, February 7, 2009


i'm starting off my Saturday at 1:38pm but making it right with some p funk and free trade coffee, followed by a looong contemplative run through the woods. i'm so cool.

my friend charley saw george clinton & p-funk about five years ago at the minnesota zoo. toward the end of the show george clinton kept saying the zoo keepers were going to make him finish early because the animals next to the outdoor stage (various primates, tigers, lemurs, etc) had a strict bedtime. but p funk kept playing song after song.

twenty minutes into a rendition of "give up the funk" the zoo keepers shut off the sound system and lights. that didn't stop the funk, though. george clinton kept on singing&clapping "we want the funk....give up the funk owww....we need the funk...we gotta have that funk". the audience joined in, and the funk kept on like that for another ten minutes before the zoo keepers physically removed george from the stage. pretty awesome.

so here's some groove for your sunny saturday afternoon (houston, 1976):

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