Monday, May 24, 2010

Slim Aarons was charmed, I'm sure

american photographer slim aarons was best known for shooting beautiful people in beautiful places doing beautiful things. his contrived, albeit beautiful, portraiture provide romanticized viewings of the rich and famous in settings like snowmass, st. tropez, marbella, biarritz, and bermuda. his chichi 1974 book called A Wonderful Time: An Intimate Portrait of the Good Life remains popular among people of all walks of life. for more slim aarons photographs jump over to Photographers Gallery.

Chateau De Sully (© Slim Aarons)
Phillipe, Duc De Magenta et Marquis De MacMahon outside Chateau Sully in Autun with fiancee Amelie Drummond, 1968
Garden Party (© Slim Aarons)
a garden party in Miami in 1970

Snowmass Picnic (© Slim Aarons)
A fondue picnic for the opneing of Snowmass in 1967
A Thomas Taylor and Bing Crosby on the Pebble Beach golf course in 1977

Hugh Hefner with his Bunnies at the Playboy Key Club in Chicago

Lord Lichfield (© Slim Aarons)
British photographer Lord Lichfield with Marina Lante della Rovere, Ines Torlonia, Signoria Gancia, in Porto Ercole, Italy in 1970

Truman Capote at his Brooklyn Heights apartment in 1954.

Princess Bianca (© Slim Aarons)
Princess Bianca at her Gstaad chalet, 1985.

Kaufman House (© Slim Aarons)
A party at the Kaufmann house in Palm Springs, 1970

Skiing Holiday (© Slim Aarons)
William F. Buckley near Gstaad with John Kenneth Galbraith, 1977

Acapulco Lunch (© Slim Aarons)
Douglas Fairbanks Junior, Oscar de la Renta, and standing behind him Emilio Pucci. On the other side of the table T Reed Vreeland stands behind the host in the red shirt, Pat de Cicco. Acapulco, 1966****

*This photograph is a reproduction of the Renoir painting Luncheon of the Boating Party: see it here.
thanks for the tip, BW!

W. Clifford Klenk with wife Hope

Slim Aarons, El Venero
El Venero, the Moorish villa of Hector and Chico de Ayala in Marbella, Spain, 1971

Chalet Costi (© Slim Aarons)
Skiiers at Chalet Costi in Zermatt, 1968

Rockefeller Brothers (© Slim Aarons)
Rockefeller brothers in their Radio City, New York office

Molly Wilmot's Pool (© Slim Aarons)
Molly Wilmot's pool in Palm Beach, Florida, 1982

Architect Mies Van Der Rohe in Chicago, 1960

Scone Madam ? (© Slim Aarons/Getty Images)
Afternoon tea at the home of interior decorator James Pendleton in Beverly Hills, 1960

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