Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poster Boy choppin it up

The man behind the razor ad mutilation (or, as he prefers to call it, "sign remixing") is nyc guerilla artist Poster Boy. In a recent NYMag interview Poster Boy explained his artistic goals and ideologies. “No copyright, no authorship," he says, alluding to his hope of derailing the stigmas associated with recycling imagery. Poster Boy hopes his art is "a social thing, as opposed to being an artist making things for bored rich people to hang above their couch.” Poster Boy began remixing signs after working as a poster boy for a Chelsea gallery. Like many great NYC street artists before him (Keith Haring comes to mind), Poster Boy realized that he cold use the subway as a tool to reach the masses. “Unless we were clever enough to get it on the international news, we weren’t gonna broaden our audience," he explains. His choice to remix pop images also catches the eye. How postmodernist...or is that post-postmodernism?

Gross Girl by Poster Boy NYC.
Gross Girl

Mossy Tiles 2 by Poster Boy NYC.
Mossy Tiles 2
McDorse the World by Poster Boy NYC.

Macdose the World
Ad-waiting by Poster Boy NYC.

Watch a short documentary on Poster Boy and watch the him in action below. The film was written and directed by Keith Haskel.

For more information on Poster Boy refer to:


ww said...

see: adbusters. popomo is premature.

Madame Lamb said...

haha thanks warren!

Michelle said...

just got arrested

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