Thursday, January 8, 2009

marc jacobs x louis vuitton

louis vuitton collaborated with Marc Jacobs to commemorate the life and work of the late artist/fashion designer Stephen Sprouse. in 2001, jacobs and sprouse worked together to create the louis vuitton graffiti handbags that I still adore. the new sprouse inspired louis vuitton line is called "the rose collection" and owns a pop art flair by incorporating neon and day-glo colors, and sprouse's signature flower motifs. "“I tried to take what Stephen had done at Vuitton and then kind of flip it in my head, and make it Vuitton’s work for Stephen, not Stephen’s work for Vuitton,” Jacobs explains. “I just felt it was a funny way to play with it, to pretend to be Sprouse for a bit. the rose collection will be showcased at the flagship soho LV store starting today. love love LOVE the leggings, sunglasses, and rose pumps. what a great collection.

does anyone else find it a bit ironic that louis vuitton has been commissioning designers to essentially "deface" their brand? the MJ/Sprouse graffiti mocked the Louis Vuitton monogram, and the Murakami bags seemed to scorn Louis Vuitton shoppers. LV's tongue-in-cheek humor and the fact that they are supporting artists makes me like them even more.

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