Sunday, January 4, 2009

goodbye minneapolis

i'm all packed and ready to leave my parents house in minneapolis for washington DC. i leave at the crack of dawn in a six hours. a few moments ago my car thermometer said that it was -3 degrees out. the only instances where these types of weather conditions are permissible are when you're within the range of a mountain range (say that ten times fast). i thoroughly enjoyed my two weeks here in the 612 (highlights include: a black tie formal, a birthday celebration at 112 eatery, a blake alumni pond hockey party, checking out the james j. hill mansion in st. paul, witnessing my meat-headhockey player friend smash his head open in a bar, the big wu show on new year's, long runs around lake calhoun, a delicious paella dinner party), but the holidays are also terribly exhausting and i am ready to get back into my (seemingly changing) routine. i'll be in DC for three weeks.

the photo above was taken at an ice sculpture fair in Minnepolis in 1977 by Nitis.

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