Wednesday, January 7, 2009

design in the white house

here are two interesting bits of news i read about this morning in the washington post-style section while waiting for my grande non-fat latte at starbucks (which they forgot to make or someone stole):

the Barack Obama "Hope" collage piece created by LA graphic designer Shepard Fairey will be added to the National Portrait Gallery's permanent collection. the 60 by 44 inch work, now ubiquitous in popular culture, will be included in an exhibition opening no later than inauguration day titled "New Arrivals". also in the exhibition, a recently unveiled portrait of Laura Bush.

this morning Laura Bush unveiled two George W. Bush sets of china whose pricetag surpassed $500,000. the sets were funded by a private american historical organization (ie, none of our tax money funded it). the first set will be used for formal events and features a green woven design in the center rimmed with gold. the second set features magnolia trees, inspired by the magnolia trees on the white house lawn, and will be used for more informal events such as private family dinners. not every administration gets to have their own china in the whitehouse, but things break and about every ten years a new set needs to be made. hilary clinton's white house china was unveiled around this time eight years ago.

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