Saturday, December 6, 2008

self-help and exquisite morsels of the 60s

on the same note, I spent two hours at Barnes and Noble on Thursday before they kicked my friend Maddie and I to close the store. here's what I got:

Cover Image

the purpose of my Thursday trip to Barnes & Noble was to buy Lorrie Moore's Self-Help. Reese Witherspoon was raving about the book in OK Magazine (i was waiting for my foils to set, alright?) and I recognized Moore's name from her work in the New Yorker. the book is comprised of nine captivating and witty short stories that "probe the pleasures and pains of modern relationships, offering poignant yet wickedly funny advice on "How to Be an Other Woman," "How to Talk to Your Mother (Notes)," and for surviving other modern crises of loss and love. " the book has recieved overwhelmingly positive reviews from Vanity Fair, the New York Times, and the New Yorker.

when a young male B&N employee approached us asking if we needed help finding anything I couldn't help but think of Charlotte York in season 5 of Sex and the City as I giggled and sheepishly responded "....could you please tell me where the self-help section is?" (clip below).

and secondly, I picked up Richard Avedon's coffee table book "The Sixties" (Random House, 1999) which I had been meaning to purchase for years and am so very excited about. Avedon and Doon Arbus have been compiling photographs and interviews of his "exquisite morsels of the '60s" for thirty years. the book contains a myriad of never-before-seen photographs from Avedon's shoots and the interviews that were conducted with his subjects at the same time of the shoots. the book includes Twiggy, Edward Albee, Dorothy Day , Dr. Spock, Malcolm X, Rudolph Nureyev, A Vietnamese leper, The Chicago 7, Janis Joplin, on his signature white background. the interviews capture the tension and excitement of the time so well. it's so nice to have hard copies of his shots that i've grown to love so much on nice, big paper. here are some pages of the book that I found online.

Twiggy, © Richard Avedon, 1999


Janice Joplin © Richard Avedon

Janis Joplin in Port Arthur, Texas on September 3, 1969

© Richard Avedon

George Harrison in London and Dao Dua "The Coconut Monk" at Mekong Monastery in Vietnam. sidenote: Dao Dua was called "the coconut monk" because his vegetarian diet consisted prett much only of coconuts. he established a religious community on Phoenix island in the middle of the Mekong River in the 1960s.

© Richard Avedon

Bob Dylan in Times Square on November 22, 1963 (on my birthday..but quite a while before I was born)

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i bought that book for my mother when i was 15.

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