Monday, December 22, 2008

roy doty holiday cheer

cartoonist/illustrator Roy Doty has been making original christmas cards since 1946. Doty usually starts brainstorming for the card in early September and settles begins executing the idea on November 1st. his xmas cards are sent out to over 500 correspondents every year. although most of the original friends/clients/etc on the list are deceased, many of their families have specially requested to stay on the list. so the tradition continues. "When I did my first card in l946, the year I started freelancing in New York, all the artists did their own cards at Christmas. It was a tradition to do so. Over the years fewer and fewer cartoonists do them, though there have been more of them lately now that they can print them out from their computers," he explained in a recent interview. here are a few that i especially like. check out a full archive of his xmas cards at

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