Thursday, December 4, 2008

mark ronson's stuff

i finally got around to typing up Mark Ronson's "my stuff" from the November issue of Vanity Fair


favorite discovery: Daniel Merriweather favorite hotel: The Portobello Hotel in London or the Chateau Marmont in LA inspired by: Bob Dylan; Bub Cort (in Harold and Maude); Joh, Paul, George, and Ringo; Stevie Wonder; Steve Winwood; The Beasties; ESG; the Go! Team; Joe Meek; and the Shangri-Las
necessary extravagance: I probably spend way too much money in restaurants. favorite charity: I give annually to Waterkeeper Alliance and Greenpeace. favorite place in the world: London. favorite music venue: To play? The Hammersmith Apollo.
ideal playlist: Traffic, the Band, Steveiw Wonder, Dusty Springfield and the Rumble Strips.


where do you live: Greenwich Village NYC and quite a lot of hotel rooms in London.
favorite artists: Edward Gorey, Wiktor Sadowski (the Polish illustrator and poster artis) Martin Sharp. sheets: Clean. stationery: Last year, my friend and manager, Rich, had this really nice stationery from the Write Essentials made for me. pets: Maude, my three-yr-old Border-collie/Black-Lab mix that my ex-girlfriend got me from a rescue shelter for my 30th birthday. favorite gadget: I've sworn them off (for now). stereo equipment: Macintosh. favorite neighborhood restaurant: Bar Pitti. favorite cocktail: Jameson on the rocks (a double).


jeans: Acne. boxers or briefs: Mostly boxers. sneakers: B Store. watch: 1960s Rolex. favorite designer: As of today, Band of Outsiders. cuff links: They're usually from flea markets. wallet or money clip: Wallet.

Grooming Products

shampoo: Whatever's in the hotel. cologne: Tsar by Van Cleef&Arpels. razor: Gillette Sensor Excel. toothpaste: Colgate. where do you get your hair cut: Frederique at Prive.

(Mark Ronson, Michael Monroe in Room 6/7 at the Portobello Hotel 1985, B Store Shoes)

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