Tuesday, December 2, 2008

five great steven alan items

Steven Alan asked Michael Williams, the man behind A Continuous Lean, to compile a list of some of his favorite items in the store. Here is the list:


People who work with me or see me frequently know that I have a pretty consistent uniform of woven shirts, raw selvage jeans and LL Bean Bulcher Mocs. When the temperature drops I need something warmer, enter the Steven Alan flannel shirt. The flannel version is the perfect winter option for a button-down guy like myself. I will just need ten of them…


The Filson Double Logger tin cloth coat is the Land Rover Defender of jackets. This coat is going to take some time to be broken in, but after a few years of wear and tear this thing is going to be a really nice looking classic that will never go out of style.


I haven’t felt more out of place than the day I arrived at the baggage claim in Tokyo airport. All of the Japanese people were grabbing their Rimowa-style suitcases off the conveyor belt while I looked on longingly. Right then and there I knew I had to get one. The cases are light (which is an essential feature for me, a die-hard over-packer), easy to wheel, and do they do a great job of keeping things from being crushed.


A gentleman never wears brown in town, that’s what proper English gentlemen say about shoes. Black is for the city, brown is for the country. I don’t like to follow rules and would love to wear these cordovan shoes from Northamptonshire, England-based Grenson all over New York.


A good cardigan can be deployed for nearly every possible situation. Movies, check. Work, check. Walk the dog, check. Taking a nap, check. Flying on a plane, check. See what I mean? I could go on forever. This comfy Reverse Seam cashmere cardi is the ultimate marriage of utility and luxury.

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