Monday, December 1, 2008

ben bishop on jeopardy

a friend of mine from amherst college will be appearing on Jeopardy tonight at 7:30pm and i just got an invite to a party to watch him. Ben's roommate writes: "no one but Ben (and his parents and the live studio audience and Trebek I guess) knows how he did. He has not told anyone how he fared, making this quite the exciting evening!" i have a feeling he won....but i (like everyone else) will just have to watch and see. i wish i could watch the show tonight on a hi-def TV makes a spectacle of Jeopardy's aesthetics. def give it a try if you have the opportunity.

check out Ben's knee-slappin' Seattle hometown video shout out on here- (sorry, its not embeddable).

UPDATE****Ben Bishop interview coming soon.

and watch the inaugural Jeopardy episode from September 10th, 1984. i love that opening sequence. soooo retro and righteous.

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