Friday, December 5, 2008

banksy's remixed masterpieces

Banksy hasn't completely renounced the medium that established him as an artEEst (graffiti), but i'm happy to see that he's having a go at new projects and producing compelling work. first it was his west village pet shop, and now its "Crude Oils", a series of pessimistic parodies of some of the most recognizable and historically significant masterpieces. rats run freely throughout the small gallery on Westbourne Grove where the series is being shown, stinkying up the space with their fecal matter and directing the steps of gallery go-ers who nerviously avoid them. rats are Banksy's signature motif representing "us" or the dispicable artworld. the messages of the pieces are easily discernable paying homage to our online world where nothing is authentic and everything is remixed. the works are an extension of this frustration. bien hecho, Banksy. your post modern wit impresses me yet again.

"Are you using that chair?" an Ed Hopper "Nighthawke" parody featuring a union hick tossing a chair through the window

"Crude Oils" the Jack Vettriano "Singing Butler" parody

"Kate" a nod to the Marilyn Monroe Warholian portrait (will Kate be our generations Hollywood tragedy?)


"Madonna and iPod" a parody of Rphael's "Madonna & Child"

"Show me the Monet" a reworking of Monet's water lillies series.


javier hernandez-miyares said...

art is on our side.
post-hubris generation:
let's bury their gods.

psychohaiku by jhm for madame lamb blog

A Benepe said...

Nice post, but you make it sound like the west village pet shop came first. That just happened, in october 2008. The crude oils show is from three years ago, in october 2005.

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