Friday, May 29, 2009

watch this short video about artist Maya Lin's "Wave Field" at the Storm King Art Center in upstate NY (the home of Goldsworthy's walls as seen in Rivers and Tides). Lin transfixes the ever-fluid ever-fleeting wave in an 11 acre grassy field.

Right: the original "Wave Field" that Lin made in 1995 for the University of Michigan. Do you think she came up with the concept before she knew it was going to be constructed in the midwest? I like the added irony.

can't wait to run through that wavy field in the spring of '09.

***i originally blogged this on 11/14/08, but i'm reblogging it because the work at storm king art center opened on may 9th. a trip up to the storm king art center makes a great escape from the hot city.

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