Tuesday, October 7, 2008

what is this with "hipster girls in mustaches" ?

i am entirely too amused by a blog called Hipster Girls in Mustaches is compiled entirely photos of hipster girls in mustaches. why? their hipster-artistic manifesto explains:
Mustaches are a cocktail of the best "I don't give a fuck" parts of douche bag cop, 70's action star, skeezy chain-smoking Frenchman, domestic terrorist, and child molester, so it's only natural that a significant portion of the female hipster population wants to stick them on their faces.
they aim to compile "every mustache-clad female hipster from every party pic and social networking website we can find" so that our children have a go-to costume when they throw a mid-2000's party.

More Information about the hipster mustache at BuzzFeed


BullFrog said...

great frames yo!

BullFrog said...

looks like those of my 6th grade math teacher Ms. Witzel

Anonymous said...

kinda looks like kip off of napoleon dynamite :)

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