Tuesday, October 28, 2008

once more into the bleach

Steven Martin (aka StevenM_61 on Flickr) has been using the same Pentax K1000 since he was in college. I like his portraits from the 1980s. And the anecdotes below each photo are amusing.

Check out his Flickr photosets.

Girls at Coral Springs festival, 1983 by StevenM_61.

Girls at Coral Springs festival, 1983

people on croquet field at the posh breakers hotel palm beach 1983

Julie c. December 1981 by StevenM_61.
"This is the first color photo I took. In my photography class at the time, I used black-and-white film. I got Julie, the neighborhood girl, to be the first person I photographed in color. Julie was about 12 at the time. She would pose for a number of later photographs."

Neighbor Visitor Girl '83 by StevenM_61.
"This girl, I believe her name was Laura, was visiting with some neighbors in 1983. She was skateboarding with the neighborhood kids, and since I took an interest in her, I grabbed my camera and photographed her. "

Julie and Boyfriend pose, 1984 by StevenM_61.
My teenage neighbor Julie poses with her boyfriend at that time.

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