Monday, October 6, 2008

my neon patagonia jacket isn't going to be that cool anymore

according to ACL, patagonia is collaborating with urban outfitters to re-release those circa 1988 neon colored fleeces that i love so much. if money can buy happiness its definitely via one these guys. i promise that the zany colors will brighten up your groggy mornings.

my original turquoise/fuchsia patagonia pullover (right) is a gem and a staple of my "MA countryside" wardrobe. i'm a bit bummed that these fleeces are mainstreaming, but they're far too marvelous for people to miss out on.

hopefully they'll release >50 dif color combos to marginalize the urban outfitters-effect. the re-releases are supposed to be tighter fitting and you can expect to see them in mid-october.


Anonymous said...

sketchy pic blancy ha!

Khalid said...

I love those!!

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