Thursday, October 23, 2008

je t' non plus

Image:Gainsbourg & Birkin - Je t'aime.jpgin 1969 Serge Gainsbourg released "je t' non plus" with jane birkin and sexualized music in a way that no 13-year old boy or grown man could have ever dreamed of by mixing sound bites of girlfriend Jane Birkin's orgasmic moans into "je t' non plus" (think sebastien tellier "kilometer"). the songs erotic lyrics reveal a conversation between two not-in-love lovers engaging in casual sex. the title of the song "je t' non plus" translates to "i love neither". originally recorded the track in '68 with Brigitte Bardot (his gf at the time). after the breakup, bardot begged gainsbourg not to release the song. the french gent agreed, and a year later gainsbourg replaced bardot's O-sounds with those of birkin. although the song was banned from spain, italy et al for its too-risque-for-'69-lyrics, it still manged to climb to no. 1 on the european charts and is frequently covered.

listen to the original version:

Cat Power Cover:

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