Thursday, October 23, 2008

the democratic photographer

america photographer William Eggleston is best known for legitimizing the art of color photography in the early 1970s. Eggleston's bold colors bring unprecedented splendor to otherwise mundane subject matter. Eggleston is called the original "democratic" photographer because of his democratic approach to choosing his subject matter...which means he photographed everything around him. Eggleston's photographs glamorize the seemingly characterless parts of Mississippi, bringing unprecedented beauty to the American gas station, diner, or Ford truck. he is the artist who convinced the world that color photography could fit on the white walls of the art gallery.

A lot of Eggleston's work will be shown at the Whitney from November 7th-January 25 swing through. Below: some of my favorite William Eggleston photographs.

W Magazine just wrote an interesting article on a recent interview with Eggleston here.

his most famous photograph-the red is supposedly a striking blood red in person:

my favorite:

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