Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Carlos Garaicoa

"Untitled" by Garaicoa
"Untitled," by Carlos Garaicoa, gelatin silver print, thread and pins, 48 1/4 by 70 1/2 inches, 2004, Collection of Kathryn Fleck, Aspen
art collector Kathryn Fleck calls this Carlos Garaicoa piece one of her most prized works (i watched Fleck give a tour of her Aspen home on my flight back to the usa on via plumTV).

Carlos Garaicoa uses architecture to expose the architectural state of cuba. Garaicoa photographs decaying buildings throughout havana revealing Castro's reluctance to allot cash$$ to the preservation of these historical buildings. Garaicoa develops the photographs and then adheres red threads, sequins, and pins to the piece, blueprinting the structure of the buildling had it been properly preserved. the architecture that cuba is best known crumbles when it is deprived of basic upkeep and preservation. this needs to change

I found some more info about Garaicoa's work at The City Review.

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