Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nortec Collective Mexican Electro

My music professor just told me about this mexican electro "group" with a very intruiguing sound called "Nortec Collective". Considered to be the godfathers of Tijuana electro, their unique sound comes from their exposure to late 90s techno and Norteño(mexican folk music: think accordian, trumpet, etc). In the late 90s they found some old Norteño tapes lying around the abandoned studio where they were recording, and started mixing the Norteno tapes with the techno/electro beats popular in the US an parts of Mexico. Before long, the men behind Nortec Collective established themselves as pioneers of the Mexican electronic music scene. (their name comes from Norteño+Techno).

Some of their latest stuff is a bit more mainstream, and yet other stuff has that chill-mexican-electro sound to it (the music you'd hear playing at a trendy nail spa in LA).
Nomada - Latinsizer (Nortec Collective)

Dandy Del Sur - Hiperboreal (Nortec Collective)

Com.COM - LCDR (Nortec Collective)

here's a new video they made for a song called "Norteña del Sur":

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