Friday, September 5, 2008

Justice Tour Documentary: A Cross the Universe

Ayoooo, Xavi & Gas & So Me are working on a new ugc Justice Tour documentary called "A Cross the Universe". Dig up your Pentax 9000 and upload some footage of those crazy nights at the club with the Ed Banger frères.

From the horse's mouth, French accent required:

We're currently working on the booklet for our next release, A CROSS THE UNIVERSE (documentary + live) and would like it to be made only of images provided by fans (though if you hate justice but have good material it's OK). Any fun (or dramatic) picture, image, or art related to justice ? Please send them to"
Nod to Hipster Runoff, always on point, pormanteauin' - joustache!
"But srsly yall, I can't wait 2 see this documentary which proves that
1) not every1 can make bangers
2) it's harder 2 partie than yall think
3) there's more 2 jousteice than just '2 frenchies in leather'
4) joustache [fingerbangs] more entry level alts than Daft Punk could even dream of.
5) Part of the banger nvr dies."
Here's a teaser -- not sure how the chickenhead at the 15 second mark doing the wakka wakka dance made it in. Whateva.

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