Friday, September 12, 2008

Jeff Koons Versailles

lots of people were surprised that france decision to display work of an american artist in versailles...much less JEFF KOONS. the National Union of Writers of France protested outside the exhibition (they're "a little-known, right-wing group dedicated to artistic purity in France"). here's a quick overview:

koons's flamboyant/creepy michael jackson sculpture strangely "fits in". its like looking at a whole new piece of work when its in versailles. so witty. he also placed a sculpture of himself in the same room as portraits by of Louis XIV and Louis XVI "It didn’t have to do with my own ego, but it did have to do with the playfulness and a contemporary monumentality," koons explained.

the balloon dog sculpture in versailles is still alluring, but in a more caustic way than when it was on the roof of the MET.

the floral sculptures in the gardens look beautiful...koons said his floral pieces were inspired by the "fantasy and control" shown from Louis XIV.

see photos and get more bite sized info at the NYTimes Slideshow "At Versailles, an Invasion of Art".

exhibition showing through december 14.

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Anonymous said...

Long live contemporary art King Jeff Koons at Versailles

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