Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the cruise

in my film class today i watched bennett miller's 1998 low budget black and white documentary "the cruise" that follows nyc double-decker bus tour guide Tim "Speed" Levitch, a legend in the '90s. Speed Levitch offers us his unique love/hate relationships with new york city, his fondness for cruising, and plenty of his other philosophical musings along the way. speed levitch's woody allen-esque monologues is accompanied by beautiful shots of new york city from the brooklyn bridge, the roof of buildings, spinning in circles until he's dizzy in the plaza between the twin towers (he says once you're dizzy and look up it seems like the towers are collapsing over you), or his double-decker tour bus. i HIGHLY recommend this film, especially if you've spent any significant time in new york.

here's the trailer:

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Jhazline said...

Thanks for the recommendation and for sharing the trailer. I like the video, and I like New York.


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