Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Botanicals: Butterflies and Insects

three centuries of drawings from the rare books at the cooper-hewitt national design museum. featured are works by leading botanical artists, including maria sibylla merian, a revolutionary female entomologist and natural historian of the seventeenth century; e.a. seguy, whose are nouveau-era work serves as inspiration for many contemporary creative directors and designers; and dr. robert john thornton, a vritish visionary renowned for his interest in botany.

on a similar note, the research of Amherst professor ethan temeles is featured in a new permanent exhibition at the smithsonian museum of natural history called Butterflies and Plants: Partners in Evolution.

temeles discovered that flowers have evolved to fit the bills of female and male hummingbirds, and vice-versa. the center of the exhibition features a greenhouse filled with butterflies.

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