Tuesday, September 2, 2008

the alife sessions

Let me be clear, John Mayer's music is really, really not for me. I'll admit, he's got serious stuff on the guitar, but his incessant need to pander to tweenage bitches during shows is a pretty terrible thing. And it alienates a potentially huge demo that wouldn't feel so weeny listening to his decent rendition of "Cissy Strut". But I don't anything about that.

What I do know is that John Mayer is longtime friends with somebody who seems like a real cool, class dude, James Blake.


So I mean, that counts for something. If the J Block vouches for him, you gotta give him a chance to be folks, right? And then there's this jam sesh (vids below) he did with Just Blaze for alife back in 2k6. I think alife's made some pretty loud and dumb streetwear the past few years, but hip hop heads still love it, and every once in a while they do a nice collabo or drop something fresh (krink sold seperately), and their club on Rivington is real boss. Anyway the point is, Blake + alife = somebody who you can get behind. Maybe.

Enjoy the videos, they're cool.

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