Monday, August 4, 2008

Strange Encounters (iii)

  • Last night I got mugged on 64th/Amsterdam around 10pm, thank god Meredith came to the rescue & punched the guy. It was nice that a bunch of cars/taxis driving by stopped to make sure that I was alright. Too bad the mugger got away with my iPod Shuffle, and cell phone charger (among the more notable).
  • Today on our lunch break Merkin & I walked to 88 Orchard. On our way back, just in front of the Fung Wah bus- Canal St, some thug walked up to us and started talking "smack". Something about Merkin giving him dirty looks, or not giving him enough space on the street. I told Merkin to walk away, but instead he stopped, turned around, made small talk with the thug, and then laughed in the thug's face. The thug did not like that, as he proceeded to follow us across Bowery and then two more blocks hustling Merkin and I, and then "calling his boys" on his celli. Just when things started getting hairy (ie, when I started to think about running) we were able to duck into the offices of BuzzFeed for shelter (see post below):
What IS up with NYC right now? Is it the heat?

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