Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Attention drawers, sketchers, doodlers, and designers! Tostado fav, Tokion Mag, is sponsoring an art project for Paper Rad, an art collective based in Providence, RI.

(via Tokion) Working collaboratively, Jessica Ciocci, Jacob Ciocci and Ben Jones (of Paper Rad) create zines, comics, videos, installations and animation, and have exhibited/performed at Tate Britain, Deitch Projects and the New Museum of Contemporary Art. Known for their creative resampling of iconic pop culture artifacts from the '70s and '80s, Paper Rad's own roster of unique characters populate their artworks alongside well-known characters such as Bart Simpson, Mario, Garfield and Alf.

Your task is to use the power of creativity and collage to mix and match a new zany character design. Have fun. Show us your creations. It is a fun game. The game of art!!! Upload HERE

Project 4 Source Image

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