Thursday, August 14, 2008


Picking up a previous post on Ghostly International, I just stumbled upon a nice lil house-heavy mix from Todd Osborn, composed entirely on his lappy 486. He gets down on some pretty deft mixing... I think you'll find it to be a fascinating 16:00 minute voyage into the future...


1. Osborne "Afrika"
2. Todd Osborn "Bingata"
3. Osborne "Junk Food"
4. TNT "L8"
5. Osborne "Outta Sight"
6. Osborne "Even More"
7. TNT "Beat This House"
8. Osborne "Bout Ready To Jak"
9. Todd Osborn "Wait A Minute"
10. Osborne "Fresh"
11. Osborne "16th Stage"
12. Superstructure "Concourse"
13. Osborne "Detune"
14. Osborne "Downtown"
15. Todd Osborn "I Think It's Me"
16. Osborne "Ruling"
17. Todd Osborn "Minibike"
18. Osborne "Air Pistol"

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(via XLR8R)


Erotto said...

theres a bunch of osborn and other ghostly records in the crates at matty-charlie's place. there should be at least- but some might still be at home

Buck Dancer said...

todd osborn = jim halpert?

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