Friday, August 1, 2008

new yelle video! "Ce Jeu"

Yelle's new video for Ce Jeu was released exclusively on (?) but obvi leaked onto YouTube. The video is a visual delight... I really admire her use of color, like when she dressed up in all yellow and painted her body yellow match. So killer. It'd love to bop around in one of her music videos: bop around in some high tops, bust out a little tecktonik, maybe rock some neon shoe laces.
Yelle held a contest on her MySpace page for the best remix of Ce Jeu.
Here are the top two, with some commentary from Yelle (download them here). I like the Twelves a huge fan of their stuff and this yelle remix is no exception.
1. St. Andrew Remix:
Yelle Says: "I listen to it very often and I love it more and more. I would qualified it as "emo bigbeat", it s strong and nice at the same time. The synth line in the end, makes you feel like doing air-keyboard while making faces. I already know how I can dance on it !"
Ce Jeu (St.Andrew Redux) - Yelle

2. Twelves Remix
Yelle says: "The best produced remix, the mix is ace! That bouncy bass really works!"

Yelle is touring this fall: Webster Hall October 14, Roxy Theater October 15, someplace in LA in November...check out her MySpace for deets.

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